partial collapse

Posted in Uncategorized by trevorerickson on June 7, 2010

I love everything about this scene. The bathroom itself is perfect…the blood red contrasted against the white. It allows a perfect echo to the intensity of the conversation. Jack himself is incredible, giving us one of his first, truly, off the edge moments with his character. His quiet stares during the conversation, for me, are the first true moments of an actor embracing an insane role in cinema. Mr. Grady (Phillip Stone) also delivers a pitch perfect  performance, never going 1/2 as over the top as Jack, just staying quiet and menacing. Kubrick’s shots are, of course, perfect. He stays on a wide, medium shot of the two actors most of the time, allowing both actors to become the scene (not copping out and giving us over the shoulders for six minutes). He gives us closeups in the most perfect moments, where each characters dialogue is meant to shoot shivers up our spines.

listen in the background for the music and applause for the party that does, or does not exist….


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